TLT X – Call for Presentations

Educational Technology at Missouri University of Science and Technology is now accepting presentation proposals for the TENTH ANNUAL Teaching and Learning Technology Conference (a.k.a. TLT X), scheduled for March 16-17, 2017. Interested presenters … [Continue reading]

You’re Never Too Old to Observe or Be Observed

Why you should spend more time watching your colleagues teach.Source: chroniclevitae.comI've been in education 20 years now and I find that I learn new techniques every time I have an opportunity to observe someone else teach.  It has especially … [Continue reading]

Blackboard outage scheduled for 6:00AM—8:00AM on Aug. 26th

EdTech has scheduled a short Blackboard outage for the early-morning hours of 6:00AM—8:00AM on Friday, Aug. 26th. This outage should allow us to fix the persistent issues related to the Blackboard notification system. We regret any inconvenience this … [Continue reading]

Blackboard Notifications Not Working

The "Notifications" feature in Blackboard is not working. EdTech is aware of this issue and is working with the vendor to implement a fix. We regret any inconvenience this is causing you. In other news, the notification feature in Canvas works great, … [Continue reading]

A Memo to My Students Re: College and the Real World

What happens in college and what you’ll be doing in your career aren’t the same, but they aren’t as different as many of you seem to think.Source: www.facultyfocus.comHow do we help students understand that what we are doing at the … [Continue reading]

A Learner-Centered Syllabus Helps Set the Tone for Learning

A learner-centered syllabus can take many forms, but often includes shared decision-making, a rationale for course objectives and tips for staying on track.Source: www.facultyfocus.comYour syllabus can help you set the stage for a successful class. … [Continue reading]

Trying Something New? Seven Things that Boost Success Rates

Trying a new quizzing strategy, assignment, or group activity? There are things you can do to boost the chance of success when you roll out something new.Source: www.facultyfocus.comIt's always scary to contemplate trying something new. That's why I … [Continue reading]

Teaching Quantitative Problem-Solving Skills

Teach problem-solving by guiding STEM students through complete or partially worked-out problems and derivations using the TAPPS active-learning structure.Source: www.facultyfocus.comWe had the opportunity to read the book Teaching and Learning … [Continue reading]

Scheduled Blackboard Outage on Thursday, Aug. 11th, 5PM—8PM

Blackboard will be unavailable for a short period on Thursday, Aug. 11th, from 5PM—8PM for a cumulative update security patch. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact EdTech … [Continue reading]

Using Clickers in Fall 2016?

If you are planning to use clickers in your FALL 2016 classes, please visit the clicker registration page (linked below) to register your classes by Friday, August … [Continue reading]