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Zoom is Here For All Your Video Meeting Needs..

Zoom is the hottest new video meeting platform in Higher Ed, and there’s a good reason why. It just works–easily, consistently, with high quality, and it’s mobile-friendly. And best of all, everyone at Missouri S&T already has a basic account. How cool is that?

The basic account is good for 40 minutes of recorded meeting time with up to 100 participants. What could you do with your Zoom account?

How about:

  • Meet with project partners or colleagues
  • Arrange guest speakers or lecturers
  • Hold or attend online office hours
  • Chat with your friends or coworkers across campus

If you find that you need more than 40 minutes at a time, Zoom Pro accounts with no meeting time limit are available for $12 a year from the IT Help Desk.

Log into to start configuring your account. You can find our support page at



Did you know that S&T has a streaming video service?

We do, and it’s awesome. It’s called “Kaltura”, and it’s integrated into Canvas under the “My Media” and “Media Gallery” features.  Instructors can upload videos, and students can stream those videos to their devices. Streaming videos can be standalone or embedded into a course, and there is no practical limit to how many videos can be uploaded. Instructors can make playlists, video quizzes, and even check out viewing analytics. Students can have custom lectures, demonstrations, and other video available to them 24/7.

It’s win-win; like mixing together the two great tastes of peanut butter and chocolate! If you have questions about using the streaming video service at S&T, you can check out our support page at or contact EdTech at

Instructors: October 23rd is Active Learning Day–Learn How to Get Involved!

Last year, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy announced Active Learning Day as part of a nationwide effort to improve STEM higher education. Today, Project Kaleidoscope of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) is proud to invite you to join us as a change agent at the forefront of STEM higher education reform.

Learn more about AAC&U’s Project Kaleidoscope and the 2017 Active Learning Day
How can you participate in active learning?

  • Spend at least 10 minutes implementing a culturally responsive STEM teaching strategy that promotes active learning in your classroom (Culturally Responsive Teaching is a pedagogy that recognizes the importance of including students’ cultural references in all aspects of learning);
  • Identify innovative ways to deepen and extend your departmental/institutional commitment to inclusive STEM higher education reform throughout the week, academic year, and beyond;
  • Tell a friend! Reach out to at least one colleague (in either a STEM or non-STEM discipline), and engage in dialogue around what they can do to implement similar strategies in their classroom;
  • Tweet or post on social media about your participation using #ActiveLearningDay2017; and
  • Share with others what you did on Active Learning Day by creating and uploading a two-minute video! Upload the video to YouTube and send us the link at We will showcase your effort on STEM Central.


Interested in participating and/or need help with making a video? Contact to schedule a videographer to stop by your classroom while you engage your students in an active learning exercise!


EdTech resources for active learning in the classroom