The First Day of Summer Marks Another Season of Changes For EdTech

Summer is here, and that means EdTech is busy with a number of changes and initiatives! We’ve got a lot of projects, and only a few months before the start of the Fall semester. Here’s a quick rundown: The Video Communication Center is merging with EdTech under Global Learning, which is going to give us some expanded capability for supporting and delivering distance instruction. We’re overhauling our website to put more emphasis on support and media services, and we’re fine-tuning our instructional services.

On the technology front, we’re supporting the IT department as they work on the continuing rollout of Windows 10 & Office 2016 in classroom computers around campus. In our own technology portfolio, we’re sundowning the Tegrity lecture capture tool in favor of another tool called Panopto, and we’re upgrading to the latest Turning Point software release.

We’ll be in touch as these projects mature, and as the Fall semester gets closer. Have a happy and productive summer!


Reminder to Instructors: You Must Make Your Course “Available” for Students to See It.

Blackboard courses are set to “Unavailable” by default; the instructor must make them “Available” in order for students to see and access the course from the Blackboard homepage. To set course availability using the control panel, navigate to Customization→Properties and set the course availability to “Yes.”

Here is a short visual tutorial of the required steps:

CLC Software Request Process for SPRING 2016 Now Open!

EdTech is opening up the Computing Learning Center (CLC) software request process for instructors who need specific software packages installed in computer learning centers across campus.

The software request web-based application is available on the EdTech web site.

  1. Go to
  1. Click Request Software (Faculty).

Please enter all software requests before close of business on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6th, 2015.

Software must be requested for each semester in which it will be used!

Software currently available in each of the CLCs on campus can be found on EdTech’s CLC index page.


  1. DO submit requests in a timely manner to ensure the best possible support from IT and EdTech.
  2. DO submit requests for software that is already installed. This helps IT and EdTech determine how each application is currently being used and which licenses need to be renewed.
  3. DO submit requests for software for which the license has not been acquired. We need to know which software is requested to obtain the proper licenses!

 We appreciate your cooperation!

Questions, comments, or concerns about the CLC Request process can be sent to

INSTRUCTORS: Using Clickers In The Fall? There’s Been a Critical Change You Need To Know About!

turningpoint_cloud_logo_200wThe S&T Campus has moved to TurningPoint Cloud! Beginning in Fall 2015 the TurningPoint software is changing, and you’ll need to create a Turning account to use clickers in your classroom. The account is free for instructors, and is required to use clickers under the new framework. This change is driven by S&T’s move to TurningPoint Cloud, the internet-enabled version of the familiar TurningPoint interface for instructors.

You can create an account by following this short video tutorial:

Alternately, EdTech can help you create an account. If you need assistance, please contact Help Desk (573-341-HELP) and we will be happy to help you as you manage this transition.

IMPORTANT: Your machine will need to have installed—or be updated to—Internet Explorer 11 in order for the new TurningPoint Cloud software to work. All campus machines are software updated, but this may be an issue with a home or personal machine.

VoiceThread Maintenance Scheduled for July 18th, 2015

VoiceThread will be performing system updates on Saturday, July 18 from 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time. VoiceThread will be unavailable from 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM, and service will be available but slow from 2:00 AM to 8:00 AM.

Date: 07/18/2015
Expected duration: 8 hours
VoiceThread unavailable: 12:00 AM – 2:00 AM EDT
VoiceThread service slow: 2:00 AM – 8:00 AM EDT

If you have any questions or experience any issues after the update, please let us know immediately by emailing or submitting a ticket to the IT Help Desk at (573) 341-4357


TLT 2015 Conference Presentations Now Available

Did you miss the 2015 Teaching and Learning Technology Conference? You can still watch some of the highlights!

Videos from the TLT 2015 Conference:
CanvasCon Sessions:

We hope everyone who participated in our TLT 2015 conference was able to walk away with at least one new idea going forward!

We also look forward to seeing everyone back next year for the TLT 2016 Conference on March 17-18, 2016

Instructors: S&T connect is now used for sending Academic Alerts

S&T Connect is the new system for sending out Academic Alerts. Instead of sending out an “Alert”, you “Raise a Flag.” As before, challenged students and their academic advisors will receive a copy of your communication so that corrective actions can be identified and taken.

Here’s a quick visual tutorial to help you start using the S&T connect system.

1. Access S&T connect via the Blackboard top navigation bar.


2. Click the “Students” tab:


3. If you teach multiple sections, choose the desired section from the drop down list.


4. Place a checkmark next to the challenged student’s name and click the “Flag” button:


5. Select the appropriate type of Flag, fill in the details, and click “Save.”


That’s it!
S&T connect is your one-stop-shop for communication with challenged students and their academic advisors. For more detailed support, contact Rachel Morris in the Office of Undergraduate Studies at (573) 341-7276

BigBlueButton – Your Bad Weather Backup Plan

Bad weather happens, but that doesn’t mean you have to cancel class. Instead, hold class online with BigBlueButton!

BigBlueButton is a free-to-use virtual classroom integrated into Blackboard. To use BigBlueButton, simply create a meeting room, and let students know they are to join you in that meeting room. With BBB, you’ll have video, audio, and text support with the ability to share your screen, notes, and files with students.

EdTech has written an easy-to-follow visual tutorial for creating and using a BigBlueButton meeting room. You can view the tutorial here:

Having a bad weather backup plan is a wonderful way to maintain continuity in your classes, promote accountability, and avoid losing valuable instruction time. I (Raz Kerwin) teach a technical communication class, and the Monday morning after our recent snowfall I held the morning meeting for my section online. I was impressed with the level of student buy-in and participation. I provided my students options, and I got results.

Successfully laying the groundwork to take your class online for a session or two is easier than you might think, and EdTech is here to help! Call or email today if you’d like to expand your options, and show Old Man Winter that you don’t cancel class just for a little bit of snow!

Turnitin or iThenticate – Which is right for you, and which is right for your students?

The Missouri S&T campus subscribes to two different originality-checking services. Both are free to use, but each serves a different audience. To best use each tool, carefully match your needs and desired outcomes to what each tool offers.

What are the key differences?

Turnitin was made specifically for classroom use; its focus is on undergraduate-level student compositions and reports. Turnitin focuses on indexing and checking against the major journals, casual web sources, and other student-submitted papers from Missouri S&T and colleges around the country. Turnitin offers tools for student feedback and revision, and also allows for students to see their own originality report which has a formative benefit for them. Turnitin is integrated into the campus LMS (Blackboard), and there is no limit to the amount of papers that can be uploaded. Turnitin is primarily intended for undergraduate-level student work.

iThenticate is not intended for classroom use; its focus is on theses, dissertations, and research articles for publication written by authors at or above the graduate-level. iThenticate focuses on indexing and searching against all accessible web sources and other published field literature not typically found on the casual web, and it has none of the classroom-specific features that Turnitin offers. iThenticate is a standalone web service, and is not integrated into the campus LMS. iThenticate does not allow non-account holders (i.e. undergraduate students) to see originality reports, because iThenticate is intended to be a confidential and formative document review tool for academic authors. iThenticate DOES NOT upload or index a copy of the document being checked. iThenticate is primarily intended for professional and higher-level academic work.

You can read a bit more about the differences between Turnitin and iThenticate here:

To use Turnitin, simply create a Turnitin assignment to which students may upload a file. You can find a tutorial here:

To use iThenticate, submit a request via the IT Help Desk ticketing system by calling (573) 341-4357, or visit and fill out the online access form.

I hope this information will help save you time and aid your teaching and scholarly publication.

TL;DR – Turnitin is for undergraduate students, iThenticate is for graduate level and above authors

Reminder to Instructors: You Must Make Your Course “Available” For Students To Access It.

Blackboard courses are set to “Unavailable” by default; the instructor must make them “Available” in order for students to see and access the course from the Blackboard homepage. To set course availability using the control panel, navigate to Customization→Properties and set the course availability to “Yes.”

Here is a short visual tutorial of the required steps: