Teaching and Learning Technology Conference 2017 – REGISTRATION OPEN!

Registration for the Teaching and Learning Technology Conference 2017 (aka “TLT X”) on March 16 and 17, 2017 is now OPEN! THEME: Celebrating Excellence in Teaching KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Jared Stein – Vice President of Higher Education Strategy … [Continue reading]

A Memo to Students about Studying for Finals

The end of the semester is rarely pretty. You’re tired. I’m tired. We both have too much to do, and you're feeling the pressure to perform well on finals.Source: www.facultyfocus.comThis article contains some helpful information for … [Continue reading]

TEGRITY Courses Purged at End of Semester – FS2016

IMPORTANT! Please read the following message VERY carefully! Educational Technology (EdTech) will be purging ALL course sessions stored in Tegrity at close of business on Friday, January 6, 2017. Missouri S&T’s usage agreement with Tegrity … [Continue reading]

Getting Students’ Names Right: It’s Personal

Learning students' names and pronouncing them correctly is one of the easiest ways to create a climate of inclusion and improve student learning.Source: www.facultyfocus.comI sometimes struggle to pronounce names correctly. When I fail I usually poke … [Continue reading]

Humor in the Classroom | Teaching Professor Blog

Humor doesn’t cause learning, but it does help create conditions to help it along. Humor tends to put students at ease, which may encourage engagement.Source: www.facultyfocus.comDr. Weimer brings up some interesting points about the role humor … [Continue reading]

macOS Tips and Tricks

As the newest member of the EdTech team, I thought I would be able to help Mac users use the technology that they have at their disposal. I have 9 years of experience supporting Mac computers and have lots of tips and tricks that I've picked up over … [Continue reading]

Canvas Third-Party Services Impacted (Resolved)

There is currently a very large DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack taking place on the internet which is degrading critical infrastructure. Two separate DDoS attacks on key providers of core internet services (e.g. DNS) today have caused … [Continue reading]

CLC Software Request Process for SPRING 2017 Now Open!

EdTech is opening up the Computing Learning Center (CLC) software request process for instructors who need specific software packages installed in computer learning centers across campus. The software request web-based application is available on … [Continue reading]

TLT X – Call for Presentations

Educational Technology at Missouri University of Science and Technology is now accepting presentation proposals for the TENTH ANNUAL Teaching and Learning Technology Conference (a.k.a. TLT X), scheduled for March 16-17, 2017. Interested presenters … [Continue reading]

You’re Never Too Old to Observe or Be Observed

Why you should spend more time watching your colleagues teach.Source: chroniclevitae.comI've been in education 20 years now and I find that I learn new techniques every time I have an opportunity to observe someone else teach.  It has especially … [Continue reading]