TEGRITY Courses Purged at End of Semester – SP 2014

IMPORTANT! Please read the following message VERY carefully!

Educational Technology (EdTech) will be purging ALL course sessions stored in Tegrity at close of business on Friday, May 30, 2013.

Missouri S&T’s usage agreement with Tegrity limits us to only 500 hours of recordings per semester. This means we MUST remove all recordings from Tegrity at the end of each semester in order to ensure we have enough space available for recordings in the next semester.


If you used Tegrity lecture capture to record your class sessions, those recordings will be removed permanently from Tegrity’s servers. This includes any recordings in your private course. All Tegrity users are given a private course in addition to their regular courses (listed as “<NAME> Private Course” in the course list inside of Tegrity).

Any recordings that you wish to keep will need to be downloaded from Tegrity to a different storage space (e.g. local hard drive, flash drive, DVD, etc.). Fortunately, there are a few different ways of downloading recordings.

Download the recording to HTML/DVD compatible format:


This method will allow you to review your Tegrity recordings in a web browser. You will also be able to upload your Tegrity recordings back into Tegrity again if you need to recycle the recording from semester to semester.

To upload a recording that has been downloaded, visit this link:


WARNING: Please do NOT upload a recording back into Tegrity for Fall 2014 until AFTER the purge for Spring 2014 has taken place. The purge process will remove ALL Tegrity recordings, including any that have been uploaded back into Tegrity. (You will still be able to upload the recordings after the purge.)

NOTE: In previous semesters, it was possible for instructors and students to “subscribe” to a Tegrity recording as a podcast. The current version of Tegrity is apparently having difficulty interfacing properly with the most recent versions of iTunes. This means that iTunes no longer downloads the Tegrity recordings properly.

Any instructor who would like assistance in backing up their Tegrity recordings is strongly encouraged to contact the Help Desk at 573-341-HELP or online at help.mst.edu. EdTech will be glad to provide that assistance.

More information about Tegrity lecture capture can be found at:



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