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CLC Software Request Process for Fall 2010 Now Open!

EdTech and IT are opening up the CLC software request process for instructors who need specific software packages installed in computer learning centers across campus.

A brand new CLC software request web-based application is available at:

This link will be available until close of business on Friday, April 2, 2010. Please enter all software requests before this date.

Software currently available in each of the CLCs on campus can be found at:

It is very important to submit requests in a timely manner to ensure the best possible support from IT and EdTech. We appreciate your cooperation!

Requests for software for SUMMER 2010 should be sent via email to

Questions, comments, or concerns about this new CLC Request process can be sent to

TLT 2010 — Presentations Available

Presentations from this year’s Teaching and Learning Technology conference are now available. We had a very good assortment of presentations (as usual). Our presenters did a fantastic job, as did everyone who participated in organizing the conference (thank yous all around).

We are already getting started with planning for next year’s conference. From EdTech’s perspective, we really enjoyed using the Civil Engineering building and we are grateful to Dr. Schonberg (Chair of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering) for letting us use his building. We also thought the conference overall went very smoothly. Technology worked with minimal problems (always a plus in our field). Our student workers did a great job helping the presenters and other visitors to our campus.

Anyone who wants to comment on this year’s conference can do so as follows:

TLT 2010 — Some Pictures

Below are some of the photos I took during the evening reception at our Teaching and Learning Technology Conference on March 11. St. James Winery kindly sponsored a wine and cheese tasting. Various vendors were also on hand to demonstrate some of the technologies that are deployed across campus. This includes Blackboard (our learning management system), Spectrum (podiums), Marathon (office furniture), Fujitsu (tablet PCs), Respondus (test creation software compatible with Blackboard), Turning Technologies (clickers), Learning Objects (plug-ins for Blackboard), and more.

NOTE: Some joker was wandering around the conference during the reception wearing a very green kilt. Unfortunately, since this individual was responsible for all of the pictures below, there are no pictures of him. He was also reportedly wearing the kilt in a “traditional” fashion. For some reason, he was not allowed to go to the second floor to take pictures of the crowd from above.


Evening vendor reception in Civil Atrium (looking west)


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Today (March 11, 2010) starts the TLT Conference. There is a ton of stuff going on in Civil Engineering today, so stay tuned throughout the day for updates! I will also be adding a bunch of stuff to this blog next week relating to the conference.

We will be introducing Blackboard 9 to the campus today and tomorrow.

Visit the EdTech web page for more information about the conference!