Upgrades to Classroom Technology for Fall Semester 2012

Educational Technology has performed the following technology upgrades to classrooms and computer learning centers (CLCs) for Fall Semester 2012:

  • All CLCs now have Windows 7 installed.
  • All instructor stations in both classrooms and CLCs now have Skype installed.
  • All CLC machines now have the following upgrade software installed:
    • AutoCAD 2012
    • Maple 16
    • MathType 6.8
    • Matlab 2012a
  • The following CLCs now have upgraded computers installed:
    • Campus Support Facility 114
    • Centennial Hall 105
    • Emerson Electric Hall 106
    • Emerson Electric Hall 107
    • Engineering Management 222
    • Engineering Management 235

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the changes in technology, please contact the Help Desk at 573-341-HELP or online at help.mst.edu.