E-Learning Essentials Interactive Guide

I was perusing around the Centers for Disease Control Website over the weekend and I came across a very interesting resource. If you’re not into the whole CDC thing, don’t worry, it has absolutely nothing to do with disease or panic.

The CDC has developed an online tool called the “E-Learning Essentials Interactive Guide” for all course designers and instructors to use. This guide takes you through six steps of course design for online learning. The steps for course design include:

  • Analysis
  • Content Elements
  • Interactivity
  • Product Evaluation
  • Interface and Navigation
  • Learning Assessment

It takes less than an hour to work through all of the pieces of the guide. If you are new to e-learning or wanting to explore how to produce quality online content, this is a great resource. You can find the guide at: http://www.cdc.gov/learning/quality/EssentialsHTML_072413/index.html