Learning Management System Review Process – The Next Phase (Blackboard Demo)


After reviewing results from surveys and open forums, examining data on current LMS usage at Missouri S&T, and collecting input from faculty representing a range of use cases, the LMS committee reached a unanimous decision on October 30th: Blackboard may not be adequately meeting the needs of Missouri S&T faculty and students, and should be evaluated against alternative learning management systems to determine the best fit for our campus.

The committee recommended that Blackboard and 2-3 additional LMS alternatives be evaluated in an actual course environment beginning as soon as January.

Blackboard will host a presentation on Wednesday, January 22 at 10:00 a.m. in the Maramec/Gasconade Room in the Havener Center.

All faculty and students are welcome to attend!

For more information and updates about the Learning Management System review process, please visit: http://edtech.mst.edu/teach/projects/lmsreview/


  1. I’ve used about 10 various LMSes. Blackboard is the bottom of the barrel. It is clunky, buggy, has bizarre email notification titles, and their attempts to modernize it have created browser compatibility issues. Furthermore I shouldn’t have to pay for a mobile app. S&T pays too much in licencing to force me to do so. No one I know likes Blackboard, and if this LMS review results in a recommendation to use Blackboard any longer, it was a waste of time.

    Another really useful thing is if there was standardization across classes. The side bar menus vary from class to class and makes it hard to find things. A consistent browsing experience is important.

    There are so many good options — don’t settle for a terrible product, specifically when there are better FREE options available.

    I would hate to be the BB sales person at this event. lol