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Online Learning Consortium Effective Practice Award 2015 – Angie Hammons & Amy Skyles

Angie Hammons (left) and Amy Skyles (right) pose with their Online Learning Consortium Effective Practice Award 2015.

Angie Hammons, Manager of Educational Technology at Missouri S&T, and Amy Skyles, an Instructional Designer for EdTech recently accepted the 2015 Sloan-C Effective Practice Award from the Online Learning Consortium. They received the award for their project on Delivering Experiential Labs To All (DELTA).

DELTA is a set of eLearning models, processes and strategies for redesigning traditional (on-campus, in-class) labs to a blended or fully online model. Several instructors, with help from Amy and Angie, have embraced this model in fields including biology, chemistry, circuits, materials testing, and nuclear engineering.

Congratulations to Amy and Angie for their hard work and effort!!

Having issues with VDI and VM usage?

If you’re experiencing difficulties when using the VDI or VM tools, please help us to best troubleshoot the issue by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Please notify the IT Help Desk as soon as possible! Timely problem reporting helps us to better track and investigate reported problems, and gives us the lead time we need to fix system issues BEFORE the issue becomes a crisis.
  • Please provide as many specifics as you can! Screenshots, exact wording of error messages, and details about your browser and OS help us to identify potential causes and solutions.
  • Try to provide us with actionable information! Details about what you’re trying to accomplish and how you are being affected by outages helps us to prioritize and generate a specific fix for your issue.

Off-Campus users should ensure that their internet connection is fast enough to support VDI/VM usage. A latency of less than 300ms is required for smooth and lag-free VDI/VM sessions. You can check your internet connection speed by visiting

As always, please report any issues to the IT Help Desk by calling (573)-341-4357

Reminder to Instructors: Back Up Your Important Blackboard Course Content!

As the halcyon days of preserving all your hardcopy teaching materials in a big metal file cabinet draw to a close, the need for stable (i.e. redundant) digital record-keeping increases. Take control of your own destiny and make a local backup copy of your most important Blackboard course content. It’s quick, easy, and helps you preserve your valuable teaching-related academic work. It’s your intellectual property, and you should have a stake in preserving your own copy of it. There are a number of good reasons to do so; in the future you may want to document your growth as an instructor, your career may take you elsewhere, LMS software may change, and it’s even possible the network data center could be struck by a freak tornado/lightning storm combination!

Follow this short visual tutorial to make a backup of your course content, and exert some digital ownership of your teaching materials.

S&T’s DELTA lab project to receive a 2015 Effective Practice Award from the Online Learning Consortium

The Online Learning Consortium—formerly the Sloan Consortium—has recognized S&T’s DELTA labs (Delivering Experiential Labs To All) project as an outstanding work in the field of online education. The DELTA labs project was recognized based on its ability to provide evidence of quality, innovation, and replicability.

The DELTA labs project is a set of eLearning models, processes, technologies, and strategies for the redesign of traditional laboratory courses for blended and online delivery which are custom-tailored to the needs of each course. The DELTA labs project was developed though research in and adherence to recognized instructional design standards. The careful attention paid to the universal pedagogical foundations of instruction means that the DELTA labs project provides a flexible and research-grounded tool for instructors teaching a variety of lab courses.

Representatives from the S&T EdTech team will travel to Dallas, TX to attend the 8th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium on April 22-24. Angie Hammons and Amy Skyles will be representing Missouri S&T and the EdTech team. Congratulations on the recognition of all your hard work!

Westward Ho; The EdTech team is going to Colorado!

The S&T EdTech team was recently invited to speak at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO to share information about how they support faculty with respect to teaching and learning. Later this month, several key members of the S&T EdTech team will go from Centennial Hall to the Centennial State on a short trip to the Mines campus where they will present information related to teaching and learning, such as blended course redesign and establishing faculty development programs.

Mines is a peer institution to Missouri S&T, and the two universities share a very similar background and mission. Both universities are similar in size, STEM centric, and research-based. This opportunity will allow educational technology team leaders from both campuses to discuss current challenges surrounding teaching and learning at the two campuses, as well as forging an important partnership and collaboration with a great peer institution.

The trip itself will be a collaboration between the S&T Educational Technology division (EdTech), the Center for Educational Research and Teaching Innovation (CERTI), and the Provost’s Special Assistant for eLearning. The representatives for S&T will be Angie Hammons, Meg Brady, Julie Phelps, Diane Hagni, and Dr. Jeff Schramm.

eLearning Community of Practice – Setting Course Expectations: Assessment

On Thursday, April 9th, EdTech and CERTI will present the final installment of the eCOP series on classroom expectations. All S&T instructors are invited to attend this session, to be held on Thursday, April 9th from 3:00PM-4:30PM in the Curtis Laws Wilson Library, Room 203.

This event is focused on discussing assessment. The objectives for this session are:

– Develop learner-centered assessment techniques
– Expose participants to a variety of assessment techniques
– Develop an understanding of assessment beyond exams

The goal of this session is to assist participants in creating learner-centered assessments, and to give participants at least one new assessment technique to try in their classrooms. We hope to see you there!

Please contact Diane Hagni at or (573)-341-7648 with any questions.

Literature on Learning: The Little EdTech Library

Curious about course outcomes? Puzzled by pedagogy? Interested in instructional design? Come browse the EdTech library! All S&T instructors are welcome to stop by and check out any of the several books selected by our instructional design and development team. Each work was identified as a particularly useful reference for structuring your course content around established learning strategies. From classic methods to contemporary cures, you are sure to find some useful best practices which you can take back to your classroom.

Some recent highlights and new additions include:

The Course Syllabus: A Learning-Centered Approach, 2nd Ed. – Grunert O’Brien, Millis, and Cohen
Student Engagement Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty – Barkley
How we Learn: The Surprising Truth about When, Where, and Why it Happens – Carey
The Gamification of Learning and Instruction: Game-Based Methods and Strategies for Training and Education – Kapp

If you’re curious about any of these titles, please stop by EdTech office in 102 Centennial Hall and browse or check out one of them. We bought ‘em so you can read ‘em!