Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Podcasting…But Were Afraid To Ask!

"Podcasting" is a term that actually encompasses a number of different technologies, all working together to deliver audio and/or video content on a particular topic. A podcast is different from a normal audio file (such as a music file) in … [Continue reading]

Dial F for Frankenstein

In 1964, science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke wrote a short story titled "Dial F for Frankenstein", wherein he postulated the idea that the phone network (this was written long before the Internet as we know it today existed) had become … [Continue reading]

Technology Learning Space Implementation — We are not alone

Educause Quarterly has an article in their most recent issue about technology learning spaces--more specifically, a technology-enhanced learning studio implemented at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL), one of our sister campuses. According … [Continue reading]

Physics Simulations Available from Unversity of Colorado at Boulder

I found a suite of physics simulations (one of the simulations is a chemistry simulation) at the University of Colorado at Boulder. These are Java-based simulations so if you want to view them you will need to have the proper Java Runtime … [Continue reading]

Morphing web sites

Network World has an article in their latest online issue that discusses the use of "morphing web sites" for increasing sales revenue for advertisers. The basic idea is that a web site "shapes" itself to a user's preferences as … [Continue reading]

Paper-based instruction an archaic (and obsolete) tool of the past?

In an article in the latest issue of Campus Technology, Dr. Trent Batson argues that paper-based instructional tools--i.e. the "traditional" means by which students learned in the past--are no longer much relevant in a Web 2.0 world. The … [Continue reading]

Archiving Your Blackboard Course

It’s the end of the semester and while we are looking forward to summer, there are a few things you can do to help prepare for next year. One of those is to archive your Blackboard course to be ready to use the material in coming … [Continue reading]

And now for something completely different…The famous presidential debate on Blogs v. Wikis

I found the following video on YouTube (of course). Since this is a highly-charged political year, I thought this might be an entertaining diversion. When it comes to providing content online for students, particularly when using a Web 2.0 … [Continue reading]

Using Facebook for Creating Study Groups

Some time ago, Campus Technology published an article about a student in Toronto who set up an online study group inside Facebook. At its peak, his group included 146 students. However, the instructor for the class didn't approve, so punished the … [Continue reading]

"7 Things You Should Know About…" Series from Educause Learning Initiative

Since 2005, the Educause Learning Initiative has been releasing a series of briefs--one a month--outlining new and emerging learning technologies. Each brief starts with a plausible scenario that introduces the technology in question. The brief … [Continue reading]