Teaching Journal: Blackboard 101

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On September 4, 2008


Dr. Northcut has asked me to
teach Blackboard to the Tech Com 404 students (and herself) today. I
think I have a decent outline of topics to cover, such as adding
assignments and managing groups. Unfortunately, I don’t have finished
documentation for some of what I will be covering. I will need to work
quickly to flesh out the documentation that Angie Hammons has put
together so that it is consistent with our other Blackboard

I will also need to cover some
Blackboard-related issues such as browser compatibility. It turns out
that both IE and Firefox 3 have some issues with Blackboard. The
Firefox 3 issue seems to be resolved for now, but the IE issue is a bit
more problematic.

The only real task I have for the students is having them create an assignment for their course.

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On September 4, 2008. Posted in Blackboard, Malcolm's Teaching Journal