New CLICKER / TURNINGPOINT Features Compatible with Blackboard

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On June 2, 2009

turningpoint-blackboard.pngEdTech has recently turned on the Blackboard Wizard in TurningPoint. This allows TurningPoint features to be compatible with Blackboard. Specifically, TurningPoint can now do the following tasks:

  • Register clickers in Blackboard — students can now register their clickers in Blackboard instead of having to register their clickers at the Bookstore. Students simply need to login to their clicker-enabled course and register their clicker for that course. (Accessed through Blackboard.)
  • Import participation lists from Blackboard — Instructors can download participation lists directly from Blackboard into TurningPoint. This makes is easier for instructors to keep their participation lists up to date as students add/drop clicker courses. (Accessed through TurningPoint.)
  • Export session data to Blackboard — Instead of a complicated series of steps to move your session data from a TurningPoint Excel spreadsheet into the Blackboard Grade Center, you can export your session data directly to the Bb Grade Center, creating new columns for each session you want to export. This makes it much, much easier to integrate your “clicker points” with your other participation grade points in Blackboard. (Accessed through TurningPoint.)

Click one of the links above to view instructions on how to perform
each of the three tasks — Registering clickers, importing participation lists, and exporting session data.

Feel free to contact EdTech if you have any questions or concerns about any of these three new processes for managing clickers / TurningPoint.

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On June 2, 2009. Posted in Blackboard, Clickers, TurningPoint