CLC Software Request Process for SUMMER/FALL 2016 Now Open!

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On March 23, 2016

EdTech is opening up the Computing Learning Center (CLC) software request process for instructors who need specific software packages installed in computer learning centers across campus.


IT is planning on upgrading CLC computers to Windows 10 and Office 2016. We will make every effort to ensure software compatibility with these changes, but we NEED you to submit software requests in a timely manner so we have sufficient time to perform testing!

The software request web-based application is available on the EdTech web site.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Request Software (Faculty).

Please enter all software requests before close of business on FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 2016.

Software must be requested for each semester in which it will be used!

Software currently available in each of the CLCs on campus can be found on EdTech’s CLC index page.

  1. DO submit requests in a timely manner to ensure the best possible support from IT and EdTech. This especially important this year as we are upgrading to a new operating system (Windows 10) and also upgrading to Office 2016.
  2. DO submit requests for software that is already installed. This helps IT and EdTech determine how each application is currently being used and which licenses need to be renewed.
  3. DO submit requests for software for which the license has not been acquired. We need to know which software is requested to obtain the proper licenses!

We appreciate your cooperation!

Questions, comments, or concerns about the CLC Request process can be sent to

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