DELTA – Lab Design Process

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On January 27, 2017

Redesigning a lab experience for a distance or blended audience is a challenging task. However, this process shares many of the same basic principles that can be applied to ANY course redesign! There are, of course, a few fundamental differences as well. For instance, you must be able to ensure that all students in the course will have access to the same equipment and materials—or at least reasonable approximations—to allow students to grasp the same breadth and depth of the application of concepts covered in the lecture sections.

To recap the basic course design/redesign process:

  1. What are your course goals?
  2. What are the learning objectives necessary to meet those course goals?
  3. What assessments will be used to measure student performance of the learning objectives?

To these, we can add the following

  1. Why to you teach the lab assignments that you teach?
  2. Do the labs fulfill the required learning objectives for the course?

For more information on how to begin redesigning your labs, contact the EdTech Instructional Design Team. We’ll be glad to help!


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On January 27, 2017.