The History of DELTA

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On January 27, 2017


Missouri S&T strives to be a leader in how instructional labs for science and engineering courses are designed and delivered in a blended or online format. Towards that end, DELTA labs started as an instructional laboratory pilot project aimed ad developing a set of eLearning models, processes, and strategies for the redesign of the traditional laboratory course for blended/online delivery. The instructional laboratory pilot project started with instructors interested in transforming their labs to reach the blended/online audience who may not be able to access the traditional, on-campus laboratory venue. Educational Technology also wanted to create a handbook for other instructors and institutions who would like to apply these same models to their own courses/programs. This overall effort became known as DELTA – Delivering Experiential Labs TAll.

In order to create the S&T model of laboratory course redesign, S&T conducted extensive research into the whole laboratory experience. The following were considered during the process:

  • Case Studies – several institutions are also trying to transform undergraduate science and engineering programs into a blended/online format.
  • Laboratory Kit Information – S&T found two manufacturers of at-home lab kits suitable for the courses in the pilot project.
  • Laboratory Kit Evaluations – S&T evaluated each of the two manufacturers of at-home lab kits. Each has its pros and cons.
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On January 27, 2017.