Students Appreciate When Combined Courses Have Been Descriptively Named!

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On July 25, 2017

Instructors: When using the Canvas course combine tool, you have the option to rename your course. This ability is very useful, but you should keep in mind that the name you pick should be descriptive and easy for students to recognize. At the minimum, the name you choose should include the subject and general title of the course. For example, if you were to combine two sections of Technical Writing, you might want to call the combined section something like “English 3560 – Tech Writing – 1A & 1C”.

When named so, it’s easy to see and recognize the combined section when it appears on the Canvas dashboard. Much less useful are short names such as simply “3560” or “1A & 1C”. Students typically have 4-5 courses on their Canvas dashboards at any given time, and it’s helpful when they (and you!) can easily see and navigate to your course because it is descriptively named.

When you use the Canvas course combine tool, there is a default naming option, but because we wanted to allow for instructor flexibility, we decided to let you name your class whatever you want—so whatever you do decide to name your course, please just remember to name it descriptively!

Here is a link to the Canvas Course Combine Tool 


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On July 25, 2017.