ITCC RETREAT: Case Scenario – Group C

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  1. 1. Disadvantage is the requestor may not know the costing detail. Could be too long of a process-but not short enough to react, scheduling of classes is uncertain until last minute. Could be an ‘unused Policy’.
    2. This is specifically for a department requests-it might work, but smaller scope, individual faculty, could be more used/needed. Could be an additional complication for an instructor. IT e-mailed all individual faculty for software needed, “If I want to use Maple, I will use Maple”.
    3. Student, Grad Students, faculty, administrators, , Administrators with financial influence, IT, Library, EdTech
    4. Budget, frequency of requests for certain software, LabStats-unique stats for software. Budget allocation formula (FTE based formula) could be explored.
    Misc Input:
    Campus upgrading software policy needed. MathCad13 VS MathCad14, versions on campus are not consistent. Instructor can not open MathCad 14 student work.
    IT Help desk ticket process concern: Technicians are are modifying requests, Technican is anynomus on ticket reponses, no way to communicate directly to resolve the issues.