ITCC RETREAT: Case Scenario – Group B

Group B.pdf


  1. Anonymous faculty member says:

    Faculty need information about what is involved in formally requesting a new CLC. Particularly the intricacies of funding such as thinking about staffing.
    This would be a great job for a revised knowledge base. The current one should be killed with fire. It actually has trained me not to use it. The thought process of faculty is that “I have an IT question, where do I go to get an answer?” The knowledgebase is a great catchall for problems that lots of people end up calling the helpdesk for.

  2. Anonymous FM says:

    Another, even better idea would be training for people looking to get a CLC started. That is, before they start filling out the paperwork. The training could consist of an emissary or two visiting from IT that would leave them with a good planning structure and action items.

  3. People who should be on the committee:
    Diversity of faculty from different disciplines, students, someone who knows scheduling, IT person, physical facilities representative.
    The committee has to be knowledgeable about the existing CLCs or able to get the knowledge from a more or less centralized database.