Desire 2 Learn Product Demo

d2lRepresentatives from D2L recently visited campus to demo their learning management system in an open forum for faculty, staff, and students as part of the ongoing Learning Management System review.  For those unable to attend, the demo provided by the D2L representatives can be viewed online.  For more information about Missouri S&T’s LMS review process and committee, please visit

Watch Desire 2 Learn LMS demo

Instructure Canvas Product Demo

Representatives from Instructure Canvas visited on Wednesday, December 11th to demo their LMS to S&T faculty, staff, and students and the LMS review committee.  The demo is posted below in its entirety for anyone who was unable to attend.

View the Canvas demo at Missouri S&T

For further demos of the product, please visit

A new tool for teaching circuitry

Teaching students how to build circuits is tricky business, especially when you want to provide a hands-on experience.  There are a number of ways to approach the problem, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.  You could, for example, pass around a box of wires and components and have the students twist, solder, or clip them all together…


You could show them how to use a breadboard and hope that mentally compiling and decompiling the circuit doesn’t overshadow the lesson the circuit’s meant to teach…


You could buy a kit with easy, snap-together components that can be quickly assembled and disassembled at the expense of scalability and authenticity…


All of the solutions have the same problem, though:  At the end of the lesson, the circuit is disassembled and lost forever.  Those wires need to be used again, the breadboard needs to be cleared for the next project, and those brightly-colored snapping components are too bulky expensive to keep your beautifully constructed XOR gate for future reference.  Just draw the diagram and build it again next time.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if the circuit diagrams students drew in their notebooks could be real circuits?

Clear some space in your pocket protector, because a new project on Kickstarter hopes to make this a reality.  Meet Circuit Scribe—a ballpoint pen that draws working traces.


Deliveries for project donors are expected to begin in June of 2014, and other buyers can expect a product shortly thereafter.

If you’d like to learn more or donate to the kickstarter, you can find the project at

LMS review committee reaches decision

After reviewing results from surveys and open forums, examining data on current LMS usage at Missouri S&T, and collecting input from faculty representing a range of use cases, the LMS committee reached a unanimous decision on October 30th:  Blackboard may not be adequately meeting the needs of Missouri S&T faculty and students, and should be evaluated against alternative learning management systems to determine the best fit for our campus.

The committee recommends that Blackboard and 2-3 additional LMS alternatives be evaluated in an actual course environment beginning as soon as January.

To read the full report, visit

Kaltura Service Restored

The Kaltura streaming media service is again functional.  Thank you for your patience in this matter.

Kaltura Service Interruption

EdTech became aware of a system-wide interruption in Kaltura streaming media service at 12:43PM this afternoon.  The vendor is currently working to restore service.  During this outage, Kaltura streaming media viewing and uploads will be unavailable in Blackboard.  Updates will be posted as more information is received.

Tegrity Service Restored

Tegrity service has now been restored.  Classes may now be viewed under Tegrity Classes in Blackboard, and any recordings created during the outage should automatically upload to Tegrity’s servers.

If you are an instructor who created a recording during the outage and it has not uploaded by this afternoon, please submit a ticket so that Educational Technology can manually upload your recording.

Thank you for your patience!

Tegrity Service Interruption

Educational Technology became aware of an interruption in Tegrity service at 10:03 this morning.  The vendor has been notified, and is currently working on restoring service.

Until Tegrity service is restored, all Tegrity videos will be unavailable for viewing and starting a new recording through Blackboard will not be possible.

If you are an instructor who needs to record a class, this is still possible by double-clicking the Tegrity tray icon, selecting your course, and starting a recording.


Please be aware that the recorder will take several minutes to start while it attempts to contact the service and the recording will not be uploaded until service is restored.  Your recording will be stored safely on the local hard drive.

More information will be shared as it becomes available.

Online Survey and Open Forum Winners Selected!

LMS Review Prize Winner

Participants in the LMS review’s online survey and open forums had the opportunity to enter for a prize after sharing their opinions.  The winners are:


Dan Reardon
Amber Henslee


Robert Fallon
Sonia Franz

Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you to everyone who attended the open forums and filled out the survey!

Blackboard Open Forum Happening Now!

The 2nd Blackboard open forum is occurring now in the Havener Center atrium. Stop by and share your opinions in a visual voting format! The forum will continue until 1:00PM!