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On December 11, 2008

Angie Hammons shares some thoughts on the Information Technology & Computing Committee Retreat, held at the Southwestern Bell Cultural Center on Wednesday, December 10, 2008:

[ANGIE] I had the opportunity to be part of the ITCC Retreat
today. This retreat is an opportunity for IT staff and faculty to come together
and begin a dialogue about technology on our campus. There were 10 different
topics but it was amazing to see how different departments within IT are
interconnected in their projects and how faculty input has been valuable.

Mentioned over and over again was the technology use of
incoming freshmen. That is also something that is important to me,
understanding how the students and faculty are using technology on
campus. We found the following information by looking at incoming
freshmen over the last two years:


Meg Brady, EdTech, presented two videos about a “vision of
students today”. The first was done by a class at Kansas State,
specifically looking at college students.

But what about K-12 students? They will be our
students in a few years. With the tough economic situation, we must plan not
only for today with technology but for a few years down the road. Meg
Brady found this video about K-12 students today.

Are these videos a reflection of the students who are on
campus and will be on campus? It is incredibly important to find out.

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On December 11, 2008. Posted in ITCC